Zenbiotics is holistic technology applied to a natural lifestyle with products ranging from household cleaners, plant care, and homeopathic do-it-yourself treatments. Zenbiotic.com has a full line of vegan skin care, but this site focuses on the other products created by this oxygen magnetic technology, namely the Household Multi Cleaner, the Botanical Care & Pest Control, the Emulstion Agent, and a developing line of personal products, such as toothpaste.

Zenbiotics technology maximizes the potential effects that the goal of the product is trying to achieve by blending the best of modern-day science with the highest integrity of raw, vegan natural botanicals. Our holistic but powerful technology remarkably eliminates the need of chemicals, alcohol, parabens and preservatives yet keeps our formulas biologically stable allowing an active shelf-life of over 7 years. 

What makes Zenbiotics so different?

          bullitpoint   oxygen abundance
          bullitpoint   magnetic field boosts delivery system for enhanced bio-availability
          bullitpoint   ultra fast moving magnetic particles break down grime, oil, and stains

Each product utilizes this technology in different ways. Browse each product to find out how.

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