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Every ingredient in our formulations is designed to accomplish a goal. Please have the patience to read all directions very carefully. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any unanswered questions (1 800 zen.bio1).

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You mention the same technology but you have very different products, from plant care to skin care. Am I putting plant care on my body or skin care on my plants!?

I definitely understand the confusion, haha. The same technology is tweaked and applied to have different functions but the core technology is the same.

For example, lets take the oxygen delivery aspect. Oxygen is crucial to skin cells just as it is for the entire body. It takes 22 parts of oxygen for 1 part nutrient to have a perfect metabolic process whereby any byproducts are minimized. Applied to skin care, oxygen is neccesarry for healthy cell development. Aplied to cleaning, oxygen kills mold, mildew, and anything that it acidic in nature or oxygen depriving. Acids are by nature oxygen stealing. Alcalines are by nature oxygen giving, which is why vegetables are so good for you. Its no wonder all Zenbiotics skin care is alkaline based given that most of the botanicals are alkaline as well. Its often the preservatives and alcohols in commercial skin care that lends to its acidic outcome. Next, lets take the pest control function of the Botanical Care. Bugs lack the respiratory anatomy of humans to deal with large amounts of oxygen. Without a similar heart, lungs, and circulatory system, oxygen overwhelms the system and becomes toxic to them. Unlike chemicals, insects and other bugs cannot evolve to have resistences to oxygen abundancy. Great for skin, good for killing molds, mildews, and bugs.

Now lets explore the magnetic aspect of the technology. Intrinsic in Zenbiotics are ultra fast, microscopic, particles that are imparted with a negative magnetic field at the atomic level. Thats a mouthful and a lot of technology in one sentence! This is truly what sets Zenbiotics apart from anything. This is the proprietary technology found in all of our products. The Emulsion Agent is 100% H2O but imbued with this technology can render any oil water-soluble, increasing absorbancy. It also reduces long chain molecules into tiny fractions for increased bio-availability and absorption. This is crucial for skin cells to have access to nutrients, water, and oxygen via topically applied treatments but what about the Botanical Care and Household Cleaner?

The magnetic technology in the Botanical Care helps to drive the oxygen into the pest and also dissolves the calcium that binds to the root system of plants, thereby allowing more nutrients to flow into the plant. A healthier plant can stave off infestations and disease better. With regards to the cleaner, the technology utilizes magnetic forces to break down oil and grime, then act as a static barrier to repeal dirt for less cleaning next time.

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What are some other applications of the technology?

The Emulsion Agent helps cells acheive homeostasis, defined as relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent, cellular elements. This balance within the cell is crucial for defending against many conditions and diseases and for promoting resistences. Mix it with homeopathic botanicals to produce your own powerful skin care formulations.

The Botanical Care can be used as a commercial pesticide as well as making barren land fertile again. Independant studies at Davis University in California have concluded that the Botanical Care is at least as effective if not more so than the leading chemical pesticide at the time of study. It can be used to elliminate mosquito breading habitats like stagnant water in tires and ponds. Effective for use against infestations such as lice, bed bugs, and fleas in linens, rugs, and laundry as well as bacterial and fungus conditions such as athlete's foot.

The Household Multi Cleaner can be used safely on fabrics, dishes, rugs, and laundry. Commercial rug cleaners will see savings based upon more effective cleaning, higher concentration per ounce, less labor hours, and comparable costs per gallon.

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