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Zenbiotics strives to achieve a balance of life between modern urban living and a commitment to protect the environment by using 100% natural, planet and people friendly ingredients by introducing a technology that eliminates the use of poisons, toxins, or chemicals with a laboratory testing record of surprising effectiveness.

Pet and child safe
100% Biodegradable
Laboratory Tested and EPA Exempt
Indoor and outdoor, with no restrictions
Tastier fruits and vegetables, brighter flowers

The Pesticide is based upon an oxygen technology that is beneficial to both plants and soil yet completely harmless to humans. Oxygen, which is essential for human metabolic processes, is fatal to insect physiology when an overabundance occurs. Without the same respiratory and circulatory system as humans, disruption to the physiology of insects proves too significant. While insects can become immune to chemical pesticides, the vulnerable physiology of the insect does not allow pests to become immune to this approach.

The technology biodegrades salts, oils, hydrocarbons, calcium, pesticide and fertilizer residues and other soil contaminants. Calcium is a critical mineral used as a building block for plant structures, but often ends up blocking the root system of vegetation. By breaking down the calcium that binds to roots, calcium and other minerals and nutrients already present in the soil are now more readily absorbed.  As a result, chlorophyll production activity increases in combination with increased utilization of water and nutrients to provide a stronger botanical infrastructure.

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    Zenbio Botanical Care

    Indoor Plants and Garden

    Protect your crops and gardens and house plants and loved ones from harmful insects, mold, mildew, and spiders without the use of toxic chemicals while also increasing the fertility of the soil....

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