Innovative technology is revolutionizing how non-toxic cleaners are perceived. Our technology allows us to develop a natural, non-toxic, and even food-grade product with maximum assured safety for children and pets without any compromise on effectiveness.

As magnetic forces attract and lift grime from surfaces, the grime particles are encircled, held in suspension, and broken down by submicroscopic charged particles. An anti-static barrier is left which repels dirt and oil, increasing the time between cleanings. This technology allows our cleaners to be at least as effective as solvents but without toxic chemicals or abrasive action. The reliance on toxic, reactive chemicals of other cleaners usually limits them to just one kind of stain. Our cleaners, however, are equally effective on all types of stains and, therefore, replace dozens of specific-stain products.

USDA accepted, no chemicals, and 100% biodegradable
Leaves no odor, taste, or residue
Repels dirt and grime for less cleaning
Costs only pennies per gallon
Gentle on fabrics

People, pet, and planet friendly, efficient, powerful, economical, and with a perfect safety record, our cleaners can be used for many applications and industries such as hotels, restaurants, schools, housekeeping, and hospitals.

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