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The care in developing our formulations is both wide and deep. First, organic and wild-crafted ingredients are selected solely upon their combined beneficial properties. A minimum 9 months and up to a 12 year cold-extraction process ensures the highest potency of enzymes. The technology applied then ensures that all extracts are maintained in a pro-biotic, live environment to yield unparalleled nutrient efficiency and compatibility.

With regards to our skin care products, Zenbiotics allows skin cells direct availability to oxygen, hydration and nutrition, essential elements that the body itself relies upon, but achieves this via topical application of active nutrition. Our holistic but powerful technology remarkably eliminates the need of chemicals, alcohol, parabens and preservatives yet keeps our formulas biologically stable allowing an active shelf-life of over 10 years.

Want to create your own skin care or homeopathic remedies using medicinal extracts? Visit the Emulsion Agent page. Its holistic technology in a bottle.


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